Summon Your Best Self

As you head out each morning

Prepare to seize the day

Holding your head up high

Take pride in your achievements

As you set about your affairs

Let go the worries; the insecurities-

The occasional self-doubt

Dwell not on yesterday’s mistakes

We all make them

Instead, profit from each new day

To write your story anew
For each new dawn brings

Another chance to start over

And when you find yourself-

In one of life’s inevitable valleys, 

Solve to train your sights to-

The Mountain peak ahead

Find your internal equilibrium

Draw from the store of strength within

Assuredly, the challenges you face today

Pave the road to tomorrow’s achievements

And whatever your ambitions

What ever your expectations
Do not let society set them for you

That is a certain recipe for failure

Lastly, though others may say no,

Especially when they say you can’t,

Remember that you have the agency

To summon your best self and say yes

And that is all you need to conquer


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